1. Your holiday service
    Your holiday service
  2. Your bed linen product
    Your bed linen product
  3. Your costume service
    Your costume service
  4. Your cutlery product
    Your cutlery product
  5. Your furniture product
    Your furniture product
  6. Your jumper product
    Your jumper product
  7. Your fridge product
    Your fridge product
  8. Your hamburger service
    Your hamburger service
  9. Your computer service
    Your computer service
  10. Your camera product
    Your camera product
  11. Your beauty product
    Your beauty product
  12. Your fashion product
    Your fashion product
  13. Your food delivery service
    Your food delivery service
  14. Your perfume product
    Your perfume product
  15. Your hat product
    Your hat product
  16. Your plumbing product
    Your plumbing product
  17. Your bedding product
    Your bedding product
  18. Your indigenous product
    Your indigenous product
  19. Your baby toy product
    Your baby toy product
  20. Your music download
    Your music download

Your business or web store name

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Your web store can present your products and services in different impressive slideshows or with blending images such as above and below, both linking to the chosen product's description page and your shopping cart, and provide potential customers with prominent auto-tap telephone calls on mobile devices.

Click any of the product images on this site to see detail pages or explore the shopping cart purchase and customer account pages (but don't try to buy anything because none of the products are real).

You might prefer static product windows such as below. View all pages in this web store on your desktop, tablet and mobile phone to see how they shape themselves to look great on all the devices used by your clients.

  1. Your camera product
    Your camera product
  2. Your jumper product
    Your jumper product
  3. Your hamburger service
    Your hamburger service

Your web store can boast all the latest features of the Magento shopping cart platform, look sophisticated and be user-friendly on iOS and Android devices without the headaches of Flash not working on Apple software.

Magento is an ecommerce server platform on which to build a website that efficiently presents your goods and services to the public. It has a shopping cart that leads to customer purchases through different avenues such as credit cards. This demonstration domain was built in late 2016 on a blank theme (not Luma) with the latest Magento 2.

Once built, a Magento web store allows you to log in and administer various aspects of your stock if you're willing to learn the ropes and do it yourself. However, coding skill is required to change core elements of the site such as background colours, text styles, graphics placement and the snazzy slideshows that will impress your store visitors.

Want a web store like this?

Scribeworks is Chris Gillham, a freelance web and graphics designer, journalist, copywriter and photographer based in Perth, Western Australia.

I'm a former newspaper editor who can write perfect editorial with keywords optimised for search engine ranking and I have all the html, css, js, Magento, Photoshop and other skills needed to create your web store.

View this demonstration web store on your desktop, tablet or mobile phone to appreciate its responsive design. Web customers nowadays demand that your business provides a mobile platform.

If you want to concentrate on your own business and talents to handle your growing customer base, you can hire me for ongoing maintenance and updates once the store is built.

Visit Scribeworks and contact me if you want a cost-effective Magento or other web design service by a multi-skilled individual in Australia rather than a team of different "experts" with poor English skills in another country.